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Resource Hacker can open any type of Windows executable (*.exe; *.dll; *.scr; *etc) so that individual resources can be added modified or deleted within these files.Resource Hacker can create and compile resource script files (*.rc), and edit resource files (*.res) too.[FILENAMES] Exe= My Save As= My Prog_Log= My Prog_[COMMANDS] -delete MENU,,0 -delete DIALOG,,0 -delete STRINGTABLE,,0 -add My Prog_Rus.res, MENU,,1049 -add My Prog_Rus.res, DIALOG,,1049 -add My Prog_Rus.res, STRINGTABLE,,1049 //This script updates 2 bitmaps and an //icon in My ...[FILENAMES] Exe= My Save As= My Prog_[COMMANDS] -addoverwrite Bitmap128.bmp, BITMAP,128, -addoverwrite Bitmap129.bmp, BITMAP,129,0 -addoverwrite Main Icon.ico, ICONGROUP, MAINICON,0 //This script replaces all resources //in My with all the resources //in My Prog [FILENAMES] Exe= My Save As= My Prog_[COMMANDS] -delete ,,, //delete all resources before...Version 4.5.30 Last updated: 27 November 2016 Copyright 1999-2016 Angus Johnson Freeware - no nags, no ads and fully functional.

-add Source File, Resource Mask -addskip Source File, Resource Mask -addoverwrite Source File, Resource Mask -addoverwrite Source File, Resource Mask -modify Source File, Resource Mask -extract Target File, Resource Mask -delete Resource Mask //This script deletes all Language Neutral (0) //string-table, menu and dialog resource items //in My before replacing them //with Russian (1049) items...Filenames in within resource statements can only be parsed as strings, so they MUST be enclosed within double-quote characters otherwise compile errors will be raised.A complete list of Resource-Definition Statements can be found here.Alternatively, the arrow keys combined with the shift key can be used to resize a control.The Dialog Editor can be opened from the popup menu which is displayed by right-clicking the preview dialog.

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Toolbar buttons enable selection of the most commonly used controls.