Updating deer hunter 2016 season

Posted by / 12-Sep-2017 14:14

Updating deer hunter 2016 season

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks 2016-2018 proposed hunting regulations are now viewable on the website and the comment period is open until January 22.

For HD 100, there is a proposed change that will allow for hunting of either sex during the first week of the rifle season and an additional 100 B tags (doe) throughout the district.

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Here in Hunting District 100 our whitetail deer herd is as healthy as it’s been in many years.

Part of that might have been the weather and the lunar cycle.After several months, the Conservation Commission recently approved the proposed changes, and this is what it means to Missouri hunters.FALL DEER HUNTING DATES One thing that was not implemented was changing the 11-day firearms season to nine days, but I suspect it will happen in the near future.With three mild winters in 2012, 2013, 2014, there has been very little winter kill.And to date, this 2016 winter has been easy on them as well.

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We saw dark days and nights due to rain and cloud cover during the front end of the season which always encourages deer to move a bit more throughout the daylight hours.