Simpsonid online dating romance and dating scams

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Simpsonid online dating

Marge picks up the phone and hears the screeching sound of a dialup connection.Many will remember the familiar cacophony of dialup computing, but there’s an entire generation reared on DSL and Wi Fi who’ll never know." Lowe's Motor Speedway president Jerry Gappens expressed his concern over the episode, as it appeared to parody an actual incident.During the aborted Indy Racing League Indy Car Series Visionaire 500k event, on May 1, 1999, flying tires in a Lap 62 crash killed three spectators, forcing the track to abandon the race before the halfway point.When Bart and Milhouse hear that Hollywood is making a Radioactive Man movie, their only source for news is Comic Book Guy.Today it would be plastered all over the internet, but back in season seven, Comic Book Guy had to use the old usenet message boards to get news from obsessive.Needing a break from Homer's antics, Maude goes to buy some hot dogs.

and we thought she always would be.” When Maude Flanders dies in a freak accident, Homer takes it upon himself to help Ned rebuild his life and gets him back into the dating game.

Ned gets a few dates via the dating service, but none of them go well.

One Sunday morning, Ned says he does not want to go to church, because he doubts the Lord for having taken Maude.

Feeling incredibly sorry for Ned (as well as relatively responsible for Maude's death) Homer attempts to help Ned find a new partner and secretly makes a videotape of Ned to submit to a video dating service.

In his usual bumbling fashion, Homer manages to include completely unnecessary and potentially harmful pieces of information about Ned, such as a close-up of Ned entering his PIN number at an ATM machine, and Ned taking a shower.

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The family goes to the racetrack and are surprised to meet the Flanders family.

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