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Posted by / 20-Nov-2017 03:54

I cannot think of a worse feeling than writing a nice, witty message and being completely ignored.

Sometimes I’ll see that they even looked at my profile, and they still won’t send me a polite “I just don’t think you’re the right guy for me, good luck though” message.

I started reading your column after seeing it linked on another website, and I found your advice in the number of posts I’ve read to be quite good. In fact, I’ve been rejected about 100 times without any woman ever even viewing me as good enough for a first date.

I’ve received differing advice on how to approach online dating with half of the people telling me to not spend more than 30 seconds on any message because 99% of the women will never respond, and the other half saying I should write nice, thoughtful messages to maximize my response rate. I got my profile critiqued, and I have been told that it is pretty good, yet I’m still not getting any responses!

My profile picture isn’t great, but I rarely get my picture taken, and I don’t want to be one of those people with the self shot mirror pic.

I’ve considered getting professional pictures taken but that seems over the top to me.

I try really hard to keep my chin up and focus on all my positive qualities, but it is extraordinarily difficult when I can’t even get a single woman to think, “He seems fun and nice, sure I’ll respond and see if this goes somewhere!

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