Ghost adventures sedamsville rectory online dating

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Ghost adventures sedamsville rectory online dating

“Well, it just kinda goes back to validating everything. I remember when they called Tim and I into the truck to show us. It's not someplace to just lounge around and fluff pillows at. “How did it make you feel, seeing it again,” I asked Tim. a rumored "portal to hell."The house rose to fame in 2012 ...after a mother who lived there reported her 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son had been possessed.

Are you so confident in your beliefs that you will attempt to convince more critical thinkers of the reality of these claims? Bagans has not said what he will do with it, saying he likely will investigate it because he’s a researcher and all.(Amateur Paranormal Research and Investigation Groups Doing ‘Sciencey’ Things – CSI.)If Ammons and her family were suffering from some trauma (real or supernatural), I can’t see how this is publicity is helpful and suspect it can only cause more stress and harm. And, I sincerely appreciate dear friends Patrick Burns and Marley Gibson for trekking to Ohio to share their personal experiences for the episode also. GHOST ADVENTURES at Sedamsville Rectory was a SERIOUS show, with SERIOUS consequences and REAL people. Getting out of a 27 year bad marriage, the struggle with the legal system, the move, the ESCAPE, finding myself fighting for me freedom. I'm still only human and the couple of years have really taken a heavy toll on me. I can't believe the terrible things that have taken place at the Rectory and no, we were not aware of any of these things prior to beginning renovations. Who would want to move in there if they knew the truth? In conclusion, I sincerely appreciate the GHOST ADVENTURES guys (Zak, Aaron, Nick, Billy and crew) coming in and treating us (and my parents) with the utmost respect. Not like it was some Sci Fi thriller with me co-starring with the ROCK or Chris Hemsworth (THOR). I reflected on the past year, the past THREE years at the Sedamsville Rectory. It just turned our lives upside down and inside out. I know my own personal issues only served as a beacon for the evil inside.

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It doesn’t seem to be helping to get to the bottom of the story.