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Ff7 dating yuffie

As one of the optional characters, Yuffie has almost no impact on the game's main storyline, but there are some changes made to various scenes in the story if she is recruited by the player.

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I find that to be the most efficient way for Yuffie to end up as the date. Just fail the last question over and over until your patience runs out, and if you did it enough, you shouldn't have to worry about affection points for the rest of the game. Up until I read that FAQ, every time I'd play through FF7 I would ALWAYS get the Aeris date.

Once I checked out that FAQ, I finally got other date scenes.

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, a 9-year-old Yuffie wears a green and yellow vest/hoodie underneath a white singlet and white shorts.

In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- she wears a green sleeveless hoodie, revealing her midriff with a yellow button-up vest over the top.

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I'm actually making a perfect file with positive choices for all the girls (and Barret), but I want Yuffie to be Cloud's date in the Gold Saucer.