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Dating islamic site

I can be childish at times but know when to be serious. I enjoy goin out for meals, goin to the cinema, bowling, snooker, cricket.” Asked to describe the level of their religious belief, all the searchers for brides and grooms say that they are “somewhat” religious, which suggests – at least to me – a level of commitment a good deal short of fanaticism.

I believe we all have our ups n downs but we should try to look for the good in ppl … The young man above says of himself, “I am far from being able to call myself a perfect Muslim, but I can say im [sic, and incidentally typical of the orthography of the cellphone generation] a good human being.” He says that he tries to pray, which means, I suspect, that he rarely succeeds, and that he is “working on becoming a 5-timer” (i.e. Now in my experience people who say that they are “working on” something such as a bad habit, a vile temper, eating too much, a sedentary lifestyle, laziness, giving up smoking and so forth, rarely get anywhere because their heart is not in it.

Even where the penalty for outright apostasy is not death, the social penalties applied to apostates, such as ostracism, are sufficiently strong that only fanatics of abstract truth are willing to suffer them.

The great majority of humanity everywhere is unwilling to risk much for philosophical principles.

A partner is an equal, a 50 per cent shareholder: a view of marriage that is completely irreligious.

Compared with the people who appear on marriage websites for evangelical Christians, the Muslims on the Islamic marriage websites are much less concerned with their religion; though, of course, all the Christians, like all the Muslims, have a good sense of humour. That, indeed, would be funny.) The religiosity of the Christians by comparison with the Muslims is perhaps not surprising; they, after all, have chosen to be religious in the midst of a society that is highly irreligious and tends to be condescending, at least in its intellectual portion, to religion.

After all, we most of us have beliefs and feelings, even strong ones, upon which we do not act, indeed beliefs and feelings we act when compelled to do so by other stronger motives.

These caveats must be borne in mind, whatever the views expressed in the survey.

This, I think, is far too crude and pessimistic a view.

People may lie about their real feelings or beliefs, despite all promises of anonymity.

The relation between their answers, even if indicative of their true beliefs and feelings, and their conduct is unknown.

Westernisation is in fact far advanced among Muslims in Europe, as elsewhere.

This is evident from Islamic marriage websites, for example.

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(If he didn’t believe it, and thought others didn’t believe it, he would hardly mention a trait that is clearly intended to be endearing rather than off-putting, a form of boasting dressed up as modesty.) Perhaps what women write is more surprising, in view of the position of women often observed in Islamic societies.

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